They can shake their fist at the sky

“For us, blockchains will not be about digital money (except as means to an end), but rather a new computing paradigm — a programmable computer that lives in the sky, that is not owned by anyone and that anyone can use”

– Tom Roughgarden

If enough people believe something is true, it becomes true. The interpretation of what the blockchain is and its use, follows this same rule. There are various derivations backed by believers. Smart contracts, altcoins, NFTs, and the metaverse to name a few.

“They can shake their fist at the sky,” was Elon’s reply to a question about starlink and regulations. I think the blockchain promises similar. An entity that exists without a gate. Yes, people create versions of it, popularize it and build gates. Its a tool after all. You define its use, everyone is free to.

One of the things that first attracted me to crypto was the concept of new countries with new protocols. A decentrailized government that rejects the current power structure (sample what’s going on right now). The idea is to create a digital city with like minds on the blockchain. Entry requirement is set by the collective and sister cities are created as variants of the original. When it grows large enough, the city migrates into the physcial and ultimately, becomes an authority.

A necessary exit for those who wish it so.

(Un)Fortunately, human beings are creatures of habit. From recent experience I can confidently say, habits are difficult to change. Therefore, as with every great tool, especially one that promises freedom, misuse proliferates. Human beings are not great in being kind to each other.

Yet, the blockchain is needed. From ideas on using NFTs to fund scientific research, to creation of new countries, these opportunities shorten the distance from zero to one. A world where people own their means of livelihood and oppresive powers can only shake their fist at the sky.

What exists is still far from this reality, but as long as the embers of this vision remain, its outcome is on the horizon.



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