people walking on mountain tops with a planet visible in the sky
Art by Erik Wernquist

Pause and take nature in.

Bright dots in the night sky, signifying the planets aligned.

There are world’s out there, far beyond the horizon.

Pierce the atmosphere, then arrive in space. Empty, yet full.

Celestial bodies, in quiet movement. Alive, more than we imagine.

Float, float, float my friend.

The universe is infinte.

Awaken to adventure.



I’ve been curious. What happens when you treat your brain as a computer? All inputs are data that tell stories. Since my birth I, you, have been gathering this data, but they’ve been scattered, unstored and mostly outsourced without feedback. The outsourced part comes from our usage of the internet where our online behaviour is tracked and content put in front of us is adjusted as such.

What if we track our own behaviours and become more aware of it. As it stands, what you think is and what actually is are normally two different things all together. An open question that demands and answer.

Well, like Whitehall’s words; “I don’t know, but I’ll learn. Discovery requires experimentation.”



Layer by guresome layer. Glorified results that cover the dark necessities for performance. The canopy that exists above signalling the comfort of normalcy accomplied by the hidden desire for more.

What separates man from man, and woman from woman. Committiment and consistency. A bit of trickery here and there. Live’s pursuit is curious. An industry here today, then tomorrow wiped out. Grim texts for a windy day. A return back to a simple decision.

One week was proof. Twenty-four hours was binding. Irregular thoughts for the day.