I think more people should take time to do nothing and only listen.

A day without trying to be right, or trying to be smart.

A day without trying to have the last say.

A day where all you do is listen, carefully.

To everyone. Stranger, friend. Rich, poor. Old, child.

And most important of all, to you.

Your actual voice, beneath the sea of dopamine induced thoughts.

Beneath the sea of worry and constant tension.

There is a lot to be found when you pause, and take the world in.

Even if its just for a day.

(from midjourney)



“Goodbyes are just hellos blowing across the wind until our paths intersect once again.” — Jake

But sometimes they never do. And that’s ok.

A story as old as human history.

Retold again, today.

Farewell, and

Soar high.



Break me down. Rip my joy out. Take a perfect day and turn it into something horrible.

Dance circles around my head. Laugh out loud at my jittery hands. Jeer my trips.

Amplify my faults. Paint my dreams red. Come back again and again after I think your gone.

I won’t stop. I won’t pause. I won’t quit. I won’t seek an end.

I’m not done. I’m not done.