Break me down. Rip my joy out. Take a perfect day and turn it into something horrible.

Dance circles around my head. Laugh out loud at my jittery hands. Jeer my trips.

Amplify my faults. Paint my dreams red. Come back again and again after I think your gone.

I won’t stop. I won’t pause. I won’t quit. I won’t seek an end.

I’m not done. I’m not done.



Talk is cheap. Action is everything.

I wrote about how words matter and how they sometimes preceed your actions in driving interaction.

But words without actions are plain. Like an egg without a yolk. What gives words their power is the backing of the action it promises. It’s why God is God. His words do not go unfulfilled. It’s why some great people get ostracized, when their words fail in the presence of their actions.

It’s how strong people are graded. Words are important. They sway. They soothe. They sting. But this only happens because of physical evidence of their meaning.

The only thing that matters is what you do. As long as what you do lines up with your words. Your very words become powerful.

Wrote this to balance my former write up on words.